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Gymnastics Classes

Motion Gymnastics Centre Malaysia offers a variety of classes for children from age 4  and above. Our classes includes : Recreational Artistic Gymnastics, and Competitive Artistic Gymnastics.

We also provide private lessons with different charges upon request.

Gymnastics is not only a fantastic sport in its own right it also gives an exceptional base level of co-ordination, skill and confidence that assists children achieve in all their other sports and life skills.


We offer weekly gymnastics classes full of fun and learning for children aged (4 years and above) girls and boys as well as adult tumbling classes. Both beginners as well as children with gymnastics experience are very welcome!



Teen/ Adult Tumbling Classes

Motion Gymnastics Centre Malaysia offer a great opportunities for anyone who want to improve their tumbling skills or even beginers. Whether you're ex-gymnasts, cheerleaders, martial art, dancers, parkour runners, or trickers, this 

class provides a safe environment and proper techniques and progressions for learning all kinds of tumbling 

skills. The stretching, conditioning training will built your strength and flexibility that required for the

tumbling skills and improve general fitness.

Gymnastics Equipments

We are selling proper gymnastics equipments, gymnastics mats, cheerleading standard foam rolls, spotting blocks and etc. We are providing the most durable, affordable equipment for their safety and effective training.

Gym Rental

We provide a safety environment and equipments for dancers, cheerleaders, parkour runners, martial arts, and anyone who are looking for a suitable place for training.

Gymnastics Apparel

We are selling gymnastics leotards, vests, shorts, T-shirts and etc.

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